Fused Glass FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions. Still need more info? Contact me.

Regarding fused glass classes . . .

How much are classes? The class is $99 for the month. It includes the three classes (the upcoming schedule will always be posted here). You do not need to bring anything, project-wise. All materials are included.

How much jewelry can I make? I encourage you to make as much as possible. Most students exit the class having made an average of 6-8 matching sets. Please also see the RED text below.

Do I have to know how to operate a kiln? No. I do that for you, based upon how you tell me you want your pieces “cooked.” And, no worries, I explain (with examples) the different ways that I can “cook” your pieces.

What if I have to miss a class? Can I just show up to any class? No. The classes are sequential and need to be taken in order. For example, if you have to miss the second class, then you may come to a future second class, and then the third class after that.

Can I just show up at the first class listed for the month? No. I need to know you’re coming. I will show up for one person, but I need to know that one person plans to attend class. I am not psychic. 😉

I want to sign up for a class with Paypal but I don’t see where I can indicate which month I want to sign up for. You can either put it in the notes of the Paypal payment or simply email Andrea and let her know which month you’ll be taking the class.

What if I have to have sterling silver bales? Those are available for an extra charge. But I need to know that during the first class so I can order them to arrive in time for the third class.

Does the class end promptly at 3 p.m.? Not always. We often get chatting while creating, and  lose track of the time. I don’t kick anyone out. Classes have been known to wrap up at 4:30 p.m.

I have friend that want to take the class with me, can I bring them? Is the Pope Catholic? Yes, of course! I just need to know how many are taking the class so I can set up for them, too. I max out at eight (8) students in one class.

Thursdays are bad for me. Do you hold classes any other day of the week? Usually not but perhaps. Contact me and let’s try to figure something out.

I belong to a group (or live in a community) that is very interested in taking the classes. Can you come to us to teach? This is a big maybe as the supplies are many and heavy. Contact me and let’s see if we can figure something out. Please note that the class cost per person will be more than $99, depending on how far I need to travel.

Do you ever give discounts for the class? Occasionally. I sometimes run specials through the Mariposa Facebook page when I’m set up at an event. It is usually at attempt to get you to come to my booth and pay for that discounted class in person. Because I’m sneaky like that.

I am interested in fusing glass as a side income. Do you share trade secrets with your students? I sure do. Everyone’s art is different and there is enough of a demand for everyone to prosper.

How much will I spend in the last class? That all depends on what you choose to buy. Remember that much of what you need already comes with the cost of the class (bales and necklaces). Extra (plated) pendant bales are $1 each, plated earring bales/ear wires are $1 per pair. Sterling pendant bales are usually about $6+ each (hey, don’t blame me, I don’t set the price of silver…) and sterling earring bales/ear wires are $6 a pair (if you only want sterling ear wires they are $3 a pair). And then there are the chokers, which I sell at $15 to my students, and other types of necklaces for purchase. So, what you spend in the last class all depends on what you buy! I’ve had some people spend nothing, and some spend $60 or $70 extra.

Please read: Each student will have a limit of 10 oz. of glass total. The finished pieces will be weighed together (before bales are put on) and anything over 10 oz. will be charged $10 per ounce. 

Why this new rule all of a sudden? Because although I encourage everyone to make as much jewelry as they can, some people take advantage of my supplies (and niceness) and create items that are not jewelry. This is a jewelry class. So, if someone wants to create non-jewelry type of items or items that are bigger than typical jewelry pieces (such as mini dishes or wall plaques) that will end up costing me money in the end, I need a way to recoup that cost and protect the class for future students.   

Also, any glass that is not made into finished jewelry on the third class will not be allowed to taken home unless it is paid for ($10 per ounce). Please respect that Andrea cannot afford to furnish glass chunks and bits for your future projects. 

Regarding my fused glass jewelry . . .

Do you take special orders? Rarely. Due to the nature of the glass itself (hot, free-flowing and does what it wants to in the kiln), I am hesitant to promise an end result. I can try to make what you want but again — no promises.

Do you sell online? I have an Etsy account and am behind the eight ball on getting things listed. Please feel free to wag your finger at me next time you see me. Guilt me into it. Please!!

Where do you sell your jewelry? I often set up at Saturday markets and various annual events. Check out this page for all the juicy details. On rare occasions, I set up my pieces for sale at local shops in and near Winter Haven, Florida.

Do you sell gift certificates? Yes, in the amounts of $25, $50, $75, and $100. See this page for those purchase links. Other amounts can be purchased, please contact me for special invoicing through Paypal.

Will you ship my purchase to me? For sure.

Do you make the glass yourself? I purchase the raw glass from various online retailers. Then I cut it and fuse it in a kiln to create jewelry.

Do you make things other than jewelry? Yes. But mostly smaller items, like plates, spoon rests, toppers for wine bottles, purse hangers, keychain fobs, etc.

How many kilns do you have? I have two Jen-Ken kilns. One I call “Hot Mama” and the other is her older and smaller sister. She is as of yet still unnamed but loved just as much. P.s. Jen-Ken rocks.

Do you ever rent out kiln space? No, but there’s a first time for everything.

How long have you been fusing glass? Since 2011.

Will you slump my wine bottle(s) for me? Yes. $10 each and you get to take any sticker(s) and glue / adhesive off. Good luck! <insert evil laugh here . . .> No, really, I’ve heard WD-40 and GooGone type products help if a good ol’ soak in water doesn’t work.