Fused Glass Classes

UPCOMING CLASS SCHEDULEfused-dichroic-glass-classes-winter-haven-florid

January 9, 16, 23

— No February classes

March 5, 12, 19

April 2, 9, 16

— No May classes

June 4, 11, 18

——> Remember: 3 classes in a row = 1 whole class.

Learn to make your own fused glass creations! Classes are held at Four Purls Yarn Shop in downtown Winter Haven on Thursday evenings from 6-8 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). The exact class dates are listed at the top of this page.

One “class” consists of three separate visits of (approximately) two hours each — sometimes longer (generally because we lose track of the time).

By the end of the three classes you should have at least three finished matching pendant and earring sets. Often, students leave with much more! It is very common for students to leave the class with 6-8 finished matching sets, which is a very good bang for your buck!

All materials will be provided to use during the class, including the tools and glass. Don’t worry, you don’t need to operate the kiln, I will do that. In fact, I explain the two types of fusings I run, show you the general results of each, and you tell me how you want your glass “cooked.”

You will also be provided the hardware for three (3) sets, including three large silver- or gold-plated bales, six silver- or gold-plated earring bales and matching ear wires (or earring posts if not dangly), one silver- or gold-plated chain necklace, and two organza ribbon necklaces (or four organza necklaces if you don’t want the chain).

Please note: Those who require sterling silver need to let me know in the first class so I can place that order. For my sterling-requiring students, I cover the cost of hardware for one pendant and earring set. The others will be extra. 

If you require more silver- or gold-plated bales or necklaces, they will be available for purchase in the third class. Also, additional necklaces and chokers will be available for purchase in the third class to glass students for less than what I sell them for at my booth at markets.

The three separate classes, two hours each, are broken down as such:

Class 1: Cut, layer, fuse.

Class 2: Grind, add stringers. (Students also make more pieces in class two.)

Class 3: Glue bales, match pieces to necklaces. 


The class is broken down into three days because although the kiln takes about an hour and a half to ramp up to its high temps (above 1300 degrees), it takes about nine hours to properly cool down. You can’t rush glass when it’s cooling, otherwise, it’ll crack due to the stress.

1.) In the first class you will learn how to cut the glass using a special carbide wheel cutter and how to layer/design the glass for matching pendant and earring sets. We will also cover safety procedures, types of fusible glass (using COE 90 and 96), and types of fusings (polish and full). You will understand the difference between the different COEs, and a “full fire” vs. a “polish fire.” You will tell me how to fire your pieces! Pretty neat!

2.) In the second class you will decide either to grind your fused piece(s) into a particular shape or leave as-is in the organic state in which it emerged from the kiln. If you’ve chosen to grind, your piece(s) will need to be polish fired so those grinded edges can get smooth again. If you decide to add stringers or more glass to your piece(s), it/they will also need to be polish fired again. Techniques learned will include grinding glass using a grinder with water. And you then get to make even more pieces after your grinding is done!

3.) In the third class you will learn how to properly glue bales to the backs of your pieces using a Dremel tool, rubbing alcohol, and E6000 glue. It’s not as easy as slapping a bale on with glue, there is a process to follow to ensure your bale does not fall off after a few times of wear. You will also match your finished work with organza ribbon necklaces and purchase extra bales and necklaces (beyond three plated sets or one sterling set) if needed. You will also learn how to drill holes in glass if you have a pendant you’d rather put jump rings through, rather than glue a bale.

To recap: three (3) matching sets (though probably quite a few more), a minimum of six (6) hours of instruction, access to all tools and glass during classes. You will be provided protective eyewear and aprons for use during the class.

If you bring a drink, please make sure it has a lid. Please know that although we start at 1 p.m., we don’t always get out of class exactly at 3 p.m.; oftentimes we are there until 4 p.m. or later. Again, because time flies when you’re having fun.

This 3-class class costs $99. <— This price is the new, LOW, and permanent price!

Please read: Each student will have a limit of 10 oz. of glass total. The finished pieces will be weighed together (before bales are put on) and anything over 10 oz. will be charged $10 per ounce. Glass is pretty light and your many sets probably won’t even come close to 10 oz. but this limit and potential extra charge is to make sure no one takes advantage of the materials available. This is a jewelry class; we’re making small items, not inserts for lamps and such . . . Yes, this has happened.

Also, any glass that is not made into finished jewelry on the third class will not be allowed to taken home unless it is paid for ($10 per ounce). Please respect that Andrea cannot afford to furnish glass chunks and bits for your future projects. 

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ first, then contact me with questions I haven’t already answered.

Either pay below with the Paypal link, or sign up and pay at the yarn shop. Four Purls Yarn Shop is located at 334 3rd Street NW, Winter Haven, Florida, 33881. Phone is 863-662-8288.

Don’t have time? Pay for your classes now and take them later!

Let’s get fusing!